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California is leading the way in training and reimbursing Medi-Cal providers for ACEs screenings to significantly improve health and well-being across our communities. Click here to learn more !

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Dr. Niama T. Malachi orchestrated a dynamic study that would take her from the streets of Bronx, NY, where Hip Hop originated, to Hip Hop in its current most active form. She submerged herself in the Hip Hop culture by meeting with artists, video models, executives, pioneers, and members of the culture. She attended numerous video shoots, concerts, parties, cultural events, tours, and lectures; even once bravely taking on the role of a video model herself! During the study, Dr. Malachi ingeniously employed social psychological theory to evaluate the state of Hip Hop and its impact on the Black Community.
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International marketing requires research to understand how your products and brands translate from your home to the host country. This animation covers eight examples of cross cultural blunders by companies.  For Diversity and Cultural Factors in Psychology Courses.