About Dr. Sayida Peprah

Dr. Sayida Peprah has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with a Multicultural Clinical-Community Emphasis, from the California School of Professional Psychology, at Alliant International University. She completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology and Religion at Spelman College.  Her specialties include multicultural psychology, trauma, suicide prevention and maternal mental health.  Dr. Sayida has a strong belief in the importance of multicultural awareness and cultural competence/humility.  In an effort to expand this in her work, she has participated in numerous international and cultural immersion studies. She has traveled to Ghana, Mexico, Egypt and India, studying mental health approaches, indigenous culture and local spiritual traditions.

Dr. Sayida has a multi-faced career as a supervisory-level Clinical Psychologist, an Associate Professor of Psychology for the University of Phoenix, and a consultant.  She regularly offers multicultural/cross-cultural, mental health and maternal mental health trainings and workshops in the community and throughout the US, as well as serves on several mental health advisory committees.  In 2014, she was a featured speaker at the United Nations 65thNGO Conference on the topic of Mental Illness, An Invisible Disability.  In 2018, she served on the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative Maternal Suicide Review Committee, working with other health care providers and researchers to identify key factors in preventing maternal suicide.

Dr. Sayida is dedicated to contributing her expertise to uplift the community and improve the effectiveness of health care and social support services. 


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