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"In Oct. 2019, California became the first state to take action on maternity mortality bypassing the “California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act,” which requires perinatal healthcare providers to take implicit bias tests and training to prevent maternity-related deaths amongst Black women. The bill also requires all health clinics and facilities in California to publicize data and information on pregnancy-related deaths.

Dr. Sayida Peprah, a licensed clinical psychologist and a trained doula shared her thoughts and concerns on how the bill will be put into action. “I have been incorporating implicit bias training in my diversity training for years, and in the past two years specifically I focused on implicit bias for maternal health groups,” Peprah said in an interview. “So I think the realization of this issue is important, but I also think people’s readiness is going to determine how effective it’s going to be. It can’t be a one-stop-shop, it has to be a continuous process and experience.”

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What Even Is Postpartum? We Made You A Guide For The Other Side Of Childbirth

Includes interview with Dr. Sayida Peprah discussing the importance of preparing a support team for the postpartum period.

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Kathi Valeii of DAME Magazine interviews Dr. Sayida Peprah, June 18, 2018